Baltimore County Together: We're in this together.

Baltimore County Together is a private charitable emergency response effort in collaboration with business and charity partners throughout the county. Please note this campaign is not affiliated with Baltimore County government.
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Community Pop-Up Markets: Here's how you can help...

Baltimore County Together, in collaboration with our many community and business partnerships, has organized weekly "pop-up markets" throughout the county to help support neighbors with food insecurity and safety concerns during this State of Emergency. These markets are made available each Saturday by sign-up only to support with social distancing.

Learn more about our pop-up markets.
Donate to Baltimore County Together

Donate to Baltimore County Together

Financial Donations to Support Food, Supplies and Resources in Baltimore County during the COVID-19 Emergency

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Our organization is working to support businesses and secure resources for food, supplies and essential services to provide to our neighbors throughout the county. We need your help.

Special Thanks to Business and Charity Partner Supporters

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State of Emergency Resource Information

Community Partnerships

Baltimore County Together, in collaboration with our many community and business partnerships, is working to establish regular community and neighborhood resource distributions for food, supplies, and in-home services to support our citizens during this State of Emergency. Please use our digital resource center below to learn more about community resources being provided by charity and business resources in your area.

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Emergency Resources for Businesses

In collaboration with the Maryland state government and federal agencies, we are working to support businesses financially and operationally during the emergency. Learn more about financial assistance opportunities with the SBA and other organizations.

Food and Supply Resource Partners

Baltimore County businesses, restaurants and charities are working to create distribution centers and offer delivery services for food and supplies. Use our interactive database to locate one near you.

(This directory is being updated as partners sign-up and may be limited at first.)


Educational Resources for Families

Baltimore County Public Schools, Baltimore County Public Libraries and our friends at local universities and private schools are providing digital tools to ensure education is open and accessible to our local families. Use the library of resources here to support homeschooling efforts during the emergency.

Healthcare & Medical Resources

Baltimore County is home to some of the leading healthcare providers in the world, and is uniquely qualified to respond to this state of emergency. Find out more information about healthcare resources and updates in the County.

Additional Charity Resources

A number of Maryland charity partners have additional designated programs and funds to support the emergency response to the Coronavirus.

Have more questions? Use our contact form to get in touch with volunteers or sign up to be one.